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Monday, 23 September 2013

Renaissance of Vinyl Continues

Like America, Australia is falling in love with records again. According to this article published on the ABC website, vinyl sales in Australia have increased by more than 70% in the last year. One of the great things I've noticed over recent years is the amount of twenty-somethings out and about crate digging. The ABC article notes that Gen-Y's attraction to vinyl appears to be a serious trend and that also means that there will be more records pressed and more to be passed onto future generations.

Personally I agree and do not believe that this is merely a hipster fad and that sales will increase exponentially. Also the trend towards providing free downloads in recent years with vinyl records is a winner and means that you can have the best of both worlds. I predict that this will become standard practice and make the market for vinyl even stronger. All of of this gladdens the heart of this forty something Gen-X vinyl lover. My only problem now is having to buy more shelving  - which I'm beginning to suspect will not be enough already. Still, it's a nice problem to have isn't it?

Oh, and you can check out some vision too.

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