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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Op-shop Curios

Recently I've lucked upon some unusual records during my travels around Perth and in the countryside, both north and south. Quite often op-shops mainly yield bad 60's and 70's crooners (in particular Kamahl, the biggest op-shop artist ever - sorry Kamahl) and classical records that are in poor shape. But sometimes you strike gold and it's quite a special feeling when you do. Around Perth op-shop records have risen to the heady prices of two to four dollars, but when I found The Pink Family album in an op-shop in Northhampton just north of Geraldton the women behind the counter initially told me that the records were free! (kind of defeats the purpose of an op-shop...), but when I expressed surprise they conferred and then charged me twenty cents. Thanks op-shop gals! Today I finally cleaned these records and I'm going to give them a listen, see if there are any lost classics amongst them.

A Kiwi Christian family from the 70's - disco for Jesus!

How could you resist these guys?

A Philippines record from 1976 - it was still sealed by shrink wrap after 37 years!

The guy sitting is a real dude.

He's Spanish - that's all I know

The Italian Buddy Holly apparently - this LP is from 73'.

A Philippines record of Latin music.

A record from Argentina - 1969.

An Australian believe it or not.

Speaks for itself!