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Friday, 3 May 2013

Zaireeka Listening Party - Planet Music Mt Lawley

Zaireeka vinyl fun at Planet

Last night I went to Planet Music’s Zaireeka listening party, lured by the promise of hearing this album for only the second time in a decade. I first heard Zaireeka about eight years ago in my own lounge-room via the 4 CD version owned by a friend of mine. Due to my condition that night I can’t remember much about it, except that it was a great Flaming Lips album and that the last track was about Coyne’s dogs. My vague memories of Zaireeka being a great album were confirmed last night when my friends and I were joined by 30 odd other Lips freaks to hear the four disc vinyl version of the album.

Zaireeka is now perhaps the ultimate vinyl fetish object – four records of different colours designed to be played simultaneously. The album is beautiful woozy psychedelia, full of their typical heavy melodic playfulness. Over the years I’ve resisted listening to one source versions on Youtube recorded at listening parties, primarily to keep the concept of the album pure. It’s meant to be listened to by a group of people using all four discs in order to foster togetherness. Also each time the experience is unique due to human error and equipment variation, something that would be lost using one source.

I was tempted to spend $120 on the vinyl version but I doubt I’d ever play it; I’d just look at it occasionally. I have a feeling that my friends and I will be setting up four compact disc players soon enough, much easier than four turntables. Thanks to Planet Music for hosting the event and apologies for stealing your photo – stupidly I neglected to take any photos of my own!


  1. That's amazing! What were the highlights? I only got as far as hearing it from combos of two of the cds, really wonderful that you can still get the gist of the songs on the first cd. The coloured vinyl is beautiful, makes it all look so much better than four cd players.
    Do you know of any other recordings in multiples like this? It's great to think each time you listen the timings between the players would be slightly different.
    I'll have to pool some systems and make a night of it! I would love to get some recordings of all four with different timings.

    1. The highlights? Well it's kind of hard to say having only heard it twice, however is at least one track that I think deliberately makes you think that it's out of sync. Overall it sounds like a transitional album between the Lips older sound and the Soft Bulletin. I don't know of any other bands you've done this but the Lips have done similar stuff with portable stereos, car stereos and mobile phones. I didn't realize that you could get a pretty decent listen of the album from one or two discs....

      You should definitely do it!

  2. If you haven't already seen!

  3. Wow - that's is pretty cool. Thanks!