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Monday, 25 February 2013

Greens Pool – POND 7 inch single (2010)

With Tame Impala off on another world tour the mighty POND are not going to be up to much live fun this year. There will probably not be another Tame Impala album this year either. But just as well POND’s next release, the brilliantly named Hobo Rocket, is already recorded and mixed by Kevin Parker and will be out in April or May. Apparently it’s shit hot and should turn the heads of those dreaded hipsters everywhere.

Meanwhile check out this obscure and rare POND release from 2010. Perth artist (now residing in L.A.) Ben Barretto created a painting made up of 300 square cards, each one used as a cover for the 7” single of Greens Pool. Check out the great video of Barretto creating the artwork, with the song as a soundtrack. My copy is not as spectacular as some of the others I’ve seen – mine must have been on the edge, but hey with only 300 available I'm lucky to have one. My copy is number 295. Someone should set up a tumblr with pictures of all the copies, so they can cascade down the page. Now that would be fantastic!

Of course the music is great too, with Greens Pool being a typical POND blast of off kilter psyche-pop with sky-scraping guitar. Another song about the sky and no doubt inspired by this amazing place down the south west of Western Australia – it’s bliss. You can really hear POND heading towards the sound of Beard, Wives, Denim (2012) with this release. The B-side, Mind at Largening, is just beautiful psyche; in particular the gently loopy middle eight. Go on, have a listen. Ain’t 7” singles great!

POND - as your local teenage gang


  1. Always great to check your stash, it seems Bryan at the music salon is posting eclectic, which is great to see.

  2. I checked out the Music Salon and it was cool....

  3. Hi would you been keen in selling your POND - greens pool 7" vinyl by chance?

    1. Hi. I'd have to be desperate to want to sell it, so probably not. They'll be touring soon - are you going to see them?