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Monday, 29 October 2012

The White Stripes – Hand Springs 7 inch single (2012)

What’s this – a new single from The White Stripes? Not quite, apart from the obvious hurdle of the band not being an ongoing concern, but also that both of these tracks have been released elsewhere. I spied this single at Dada Records and grabbed it straight away. Rob, the bearded man behind the desk didn’t even know what it really was. Seems he forgot that it’s actually a record store day release, probably due to the fact that they arrived so late at his shop. Both songs are curios from around the year 2000. I missed out on the red vinyl version though – can’t win them all.

Hand Springs was part of a split single with a band called Dirtbombs and it’s pretty shit hot – play it really loud. A rockin’ three-chord riff is interrupted by spoken word sections telling the story of the protagonist losing his girl to another man at the bowling alley.

Red Death at 6.14 is a macabre novelty tune with Meg singing la la las in her slightly wonky voice – very cute. It sports a thunderous riff and typical raw lead work from White. Amongst the analogue hiss are great lyrics like “She must be dead if the only sounds I hear are the devils by her bed.” It’s literally a blast.

Hand Springs was originally only available on 2000 copies of the split single issued with a pinball magazine called Multiball. It’s also cropped up on a compilation album called Hot Pinball Rock, Vol. 1 and on some CD copies of White Blood Cells. Red Death at 6:14 is rarer, only featuring on the album Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit and as a Mojo Magazine give-away in 2002.

Now you can hold both in your hot little hand for about $10 dollars and be reminded why The White Stripes were the best rock band during the 2000’s. Let’s face it, the string of albums they released were genius, including the sometimes-maligned album Get Behind Me Satan from 2005. Just last week a friend of mine told me that it was his favourite Stripes album because it flaunted convention and shoved it in the face of hipsters. Do hipsters deserve that? Maybe….

Will we ever see this again?

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