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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Rocket Juice and the Moon – Manuela 10” (2012)

Everyone knows how prolific Damon Albarn is and Rocket Juice and the Moon is a finger in yet another musical pie. This time his fellow core musicians are Flea and Tony Allen. When I first heard about this I thought that putting Albarn and Flea together was madness, but really it makes perfect sense. Check out the self-titled album if you like loose funky jams that fuse different styles.

This track is an off-cut from the main album - an alternate version of There. The A side - Manuela features Erykah Badu and as on the album her rich vocals perfectly match the loose funk on display. The track sports an insistent funky beat with interjecting horns and squelchy keyboards. Badu’s minimalist vocals come and go, sometimes sounding as if she’s trapped in an echo chamber. Great track – you could dance to it but it makes me want to sit in a deep leather couch with a cocktail in one hand.

The B-side is a dub version by Mark Ernestus. The track is slowed down with thick bass vibes, keyboard riffs and disembodied vocals coming in and out saying things like “There we go.” Not that different to the main track, which means that it is just as awesome really.

This one’s definitely worth seeking out - a 10” record is hard to resist, plus you get a mutant Mickey Mouse claiming “Nothing spoil” on the cover, which has a textured feel to it when you run your fingers across it. Cool labels as well – thanks Honest Jons Records! 

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